PaddleSit. The ergonomic seat for your SUP board


PaddleSit is a new concept of seat for SUP that transforms your SUP board into an improved kayak. Paddle kneeling and change position quickly.

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PaddleSit is a new seat concept for SUP boards. PaddleSit is designed to be used in a kneeling position, with slightly elevated ergonomically designed cushions to support your legs and a seat that can be adjusted for both height and angle, distributing your weight and giving you maximum balance. This position is so comfortable that you’ll find terrestrial versions of the set in yoga and meditation classes.

How to sit in the PaddleSit?

There are several ways you can use PaddleSit.  This flexibility extends your enjoyment of the sport, and allows to participate in a wider range of conditions.  You’ll exercise different muscles groups depending on the position you adopt, and get a more complete workout. One of the disadvantages of Stand Up Paddle Board is that you need a little practice to get started. With PaddleSit you can get on the water and enjoy your board from day one.

Another common problem is that a little wind makes your body act like a sail and can make it difficult to return to shore. The PaddleSit increases your stability and gives you  that extra power that can get you out of a jam if weather conditions start to deteriorate.

Main position: Kneeling

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The PaddleSit is designed to be used in a kneeling position.  Although not immediately familiar, this position is surprisingly comfortable and perfect for keeping your back straight.

Second option: Conventional

Normal sit on PaddleSit

One of the strong points of PaddleSit is the possibility to change to a sitting position. Any position becomes uncomfortable if it is held for a long time. This way we can use PaddleSit as a conventional seat inclining the central seat almost vertically to use as a backrest. With a little practice you will be able to change position on the go.

Third option: Standing

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The PaddleSit has a central housing that allows you to carry a second paddle, this is very useful if you want to paddle standing, the position for which the paddle surf was designed. To do this you change paddles and move the PaddleSit a little forward to place ourselves in the center and paddle normally.

How to attach the PaddleSit to your SUP board


You don’t need any special equipment or ties to attach your Paddlesit. Most paddle boards have a high grip rubber surface so the PaddleSit will not move. No fixing straps are needed. As your PaddleSit is not fixed, you can easily move it forward on your board when you choose to paddle standing up and need to stand in the center of your board.

However we have designed the PaddleSit with some side holes that you can use to tie it to the board with straps if you prefer. Another option is to tie it simply with a leash to the board so that in case of overturning it does not separate from it.

And if it falls into the water… it floats!! You’re not going to lose it easily.