The most confortable way to paddle kneeling

projects we like

All this process is being a challenge for us, we have had to learn a lot to get to where we are, but one does not learn from nothing and in our case we have been inspired by many super interesting projects with magnificent quality and originality. These are some of them:

Sealblades: From England we found this magnificent idea of fins for the hands, perfect for surfers. They increase power and retract when not needed. Sorcha O’Connor gave us encouragement on our project and some advice on how to make it a success. Congratulations!

LightSUPboards is another great project we found in Hawaii. I wrote to Ohana to ask her how she had managed to keep the glass from fogging up and the air pressure changes inside because a few years ago I was working on the same idea! They have been persistent and solved the problems I couldn’t! Unfortunately their project is complex and they didn’t manage to raise the funds, but they don’t give up! so if you want your super board to see the bottom of the sea get in touch with them, the idea is still going on.